Thursday, May 18, 2000


by C.S. Lewis

Part two of Lewis' space trilogy, Perelandra is an interesting science fiction tale from the forties which incorporates the Christian worldview into the story. (Actually, that was the first volume. In this one, Christianity is integral to the plot.) Dr. Ransom, is transported to the planet Venus (Perelandra, to the natives) on a mission from God. The bent eldil (angel) from Earth is mounting an invasion and Dr. Ransom is called up to stand against him. Of course, Ransom has to spend a considerable time gawking at the alien scenery first, and then take an occasional break to engage in philosophical discussions. (I find it amusing when characters in stories start philosophizing. It's kind of like finding technical flubs in a movie -- you're instantly pulled out of the fantasy world and become aware of the storyteller.) But all in all, it's a nice little book. Check it out, but make sure you read the first book in the trilogy, Out of the Silent Planet, first.

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