Friday, January 26, 2018

Summa of the Summa

by St. Thomas Aquinas, edited and annotated by Peter Kreeft

I think Peter Kreeft is my go-to guy for dumbed down philosophy. I thoroughly enjoyed his condensed version of Blaise Pascal's Pensées and now I relied heavily on his footnotes to make sense of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. (Well, this edited version of the Summa.) It was difficult reading because a) Aquinas is so much smarter than I, and b) the Summa is, in one sense, a reference book. For both of those same reasons, I'm putting this book on my shelf. It provides a myriad of thoughts to ponder.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Commodore Hornblower

by C.S. Forester

Book number 9 in the saga! As the story started out, I thought it definitely read like a sequel. I envisioned Mr. Forester sitting before his typewriter thinking, "Let's see. I've given Hornblower adventures in the English channel, the Mediterranean, the Pacific. Where else can I have him sail? I know! Let's send him to the Baltic!" So Captain Hornblower is made Commodore of a small fleet and spends 1812 attempting to thwart Napoleon's war effort in northern Europe. But the story wasn't just a case of "same adventures, different backdrop". In this novel, Hornblower takes on the role of diplomat, hoping to keep Sweden and Russia from falling to France's armies. There's military action as well, though Hornblower has to face the challenge of fighting opponents on land. All in all it's another entertaining book in the series.

Another one on the shelf
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Thursday, January 04, 2018

The Best of Stuntology

by Sam Bartlett

Is this a reference book? A collection of cartoons? A humor book? Why, yes. This book is a collection of cartoons from the zine The Journal of Stuntology. Each page illustrates, as the subtitle puts it, "...pranks, tricks & challenges to amuse and annoy your friends." If I were a teenager again, I would totally be trying out some of these. Since I'm more mature (and liable to legal action), I'll definitely content myself with reading and chuckling over them. Well, probably content myself. Unless I can find a cheap harmonica.

 Check it out. But be warned, I'm not going to fall for any of the pranks.
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