Friday, May 26, 2000

Send this Jerk the Bedbug Letter

by John Bear, Ph.D.

The local branch of the Seattle Public Library has this stack of shelves on which they display a handful of books for all to see and, if one is inclined, check out. That's where I saw this tome. The topic of the book is consumer complaints -- how they are made (or not made, in many cases) and how companies, politicians, and the like handle them. Despite the author's degree, however, the book is not too weighty. It's the type of book I call a sound bite book -- it's broken up into 2-3 paragraph sections, each with its own subtitle and with lots of margins surrounding. The book seems to boil down to this: There are no discernible rules for successful complaining and what works against one company may not affect a different one in the least; however, the author is the type of person who will complain, so you should too. I also noticed while reading this that a number of scholars have used consumer complaints as the subject of their research projects. Kind of makes me wonder....  Anyway, the book has enough anecdotes to make it good waiting room material.

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