Wednesday, June 21, 2000

The Triumph of Propaganda

by Hilmar Hoffmann

Occasionally my curiosity gets piqued and I have to get something from the library to satisfy it. Well, about a month ago I started wondering how I and my fellow Americans were viewed through the lens of foreign propaganda. What triggered this, I don't know, but the question remained. I did a search at the Settle Public Library and didn't exactly find what I had in mind. There were a number of books on propaganda, of course. I was surprised to find that there were volumes from the 20s to the present day. But none of them addressed my particular interest. Even so, I picked up this book, which looks at how film was used as propaganda in Nazi Germany. If I were a more dedicated student of film or history, I would have found this more interesting, but since I'm not, I'm afraid that I got bored in places. Still, I did take the time to read it through and it did spark some of my curiosity in regards to newsreels, German culture in the early half of this century, and the twisted minds of Hitler, Goebbles and their pals. Maybe when I'm retired I'll have time to delve into all that. Anyway, while the book is well written, I'm afraid that my interest wasn't up to the challenge, so I have to rate this as waiting room material.

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