Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Time Machines

edited by Bill Adler, Jr.

This one claims to contain the greatest time travel stories of all time. Well, I can't say that I would agree -- after all, as a collection of short stories, it automatically has excluded novels and screenplays. Of course, I can also think of couple short stories ("Brooklyn Project" pops to mind) that were excluded. But they did give it the old college try. The stories range from the 19th Century to the mid 1990s. Most are rather short and I can't think of one that isn't entertaining. A couple of oddities, however is that the book cover on the copy I checked out says the book contains a story from H. G. Wells. It doesn't. Poe and Kipling are included, but not Wells. Also, the last tale, Harry Turtledove's "The Last Article" doesn't contain an iota of time travel. It's alternate history. One of my favorite AH tales, mind you, but alternate history nonetheless. Oh, well. All I can say is that if I can find it at a library sale, I'll put it on my shelf.

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