Thursday, July 13, 2000

Killing Time

by Della Van Hise

'Tis another Star Trek novel. Can you detect the enthusiasm in my voice? I bought this one years ago because I love time travel tales and this qualifies. But what was good enough for me to keep back in my early 20s didn't make the cut in my mid 30s. Basically the story is that the Romulans (one of the recurring Star Trek villians) have sent some agents back in time to alter Federation history. After they do, everything is changed around and certain individuals are being driven insane. It seems that if your life has been altered too radically, your soul or something rejects the new reality, much like a body might reject a transplanted organ. Anyway, it's up to the the crew of the good ship ShiKahr (er, that's the Enterprise for those of you who haven't had your history altered) to save the day. The background theory is mildly interesting, but upon a second read it fell apart. Wouldn't a badly traumatized society have collapsed soon after the event changed, rather than a hundred or so years later? But then I suppose that you could question why any society altered by time travel would remotely resemble our own, as they do in so many alternate history tales. Anyway, there's some romance and relationship stuff in there, too, but for me it's not good enough to keep the book. Rating-wise, I'll call this one waiting room material, mainly because I just chucked the previous book. Besides, you can always get money for a Star Trek book at the used bookstore.

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