Monday, July 03, 2000

Man of Two Worlds

by Julius Schwartz with Brian M. Thomson

This is an autobiography of SF fan and comic book editor Julius Schwartz. For those of you who aren't comics fans, he was the man credited with reviving super hero comics in the mid-50s, the "Silver Age" of superhero comics. Actually, I think autobiography is too strong a word to describe this book -- it's more a collection of anecdotes. But for those in comics or science fiction fandom, that may be enough. If you have a passing familiarity in either field, you might get some pleasure from reading Mr. Schwartz ramble. If you're looking to plumb the depths of one of the greats in the field of comics, however, you'll be disappointed. I enjoyed the book, then happily returned it to the library with nary a second glance. To my fellow comics fans, I say check it out.

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