Saturday, July 08, 2000

Tijuana Bibles

by Bob Adelman

Finally, a book I can toss in the Elbe river. (That's a reference to what the theologian Martin Luther wanted to do with a book he had disagreed with.) However, I feel a bit guilty making such a recommendation. Heck, I feel guilty for checking the book out in the first place. Let me explain: "Tijuana Bibles" were cheap little pornographic comics that flourished in the thirties, forties and fifties. I knew about them and had seen some reprinted examples of their content. Then I stumbled across this book at the Library (!) and even though I knew what Tijuana Bibles were, I checked the book out. Mostly, the book reprints a number examples of the genre. There is about a magazine article's worth of history and analysis, but it really didn't justify my perusing of this volume. (Of course, I didn't have the good sense or willpower not to peruse the pornographic examples.) So anyway, even though I looked at the book myself, I would recommend that you don't. 'Tis a hypocritical review, perhaps, but more than any other of my reviews, I think it's sound.

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