Thursday, August 10, 2000

What Color is Your God?

by James and Lillian Breckenridge

All of us try to recreate God in our own image to some degree. In this tome, the Breckenridges take a look at the relationship problems that causes when we try to communicate God's message  accompanied by all of our own cultural baggage. They look at multiculturalism and suggest ways for people to recognize it in their own lives and churches and to remove, accommodate or work around it in their ministry. They then give a brief overview of generalized hyphen-American cultures -- Hispanic, Native, Asian and African -- looking at areas that would affect the work and relationships of a church. The book is a good overview of the issue of multiculturalism in the church, as well as a good starting off point for those who wish to delve deeper. This is also one of those books that tells me a lot of stuff that I already know and agree with, so I can't help but say, "Check it out."

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