Saturday, September 02, 2000

Job and Science

by Walter Lang

I've come to really appreciate Bible commentaries. I don't always understand or agree with the author, but I appreciate how it forces one to slow down and think about what God's trying to say. (Actually, I suppose I have to say that God has said it just fine -- I'm the one trying to understand.) Rev. Lang's commentary on Job certainly had me thinking. In a way, the book is two commentaries in one. Lang is involved in promoting creation science, and he sees the book of Job as having many things to inform and inspire a scientist. But Job and Science is also a good, solid, theological commentary. It challenged me to see just what was going on in that dialogue between Job and his friends and I was impressed how Lang could see Jesus in so many of Job's comments. Many people may be put off by the creationism included throughout the book, but I would encourage them to read it anyway. Rev. Lang probably knows more about the book of Job than you do. If I had a choice, I would put this on my shelf, but my wife beat me to it.

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