Tuesday, September 12, 2000

The Great Comic Book Heroes

by Jules Feiffer

There are a couple of books that I got when I was a kid that are true gems; books that I never fully appreciated at the time. This is one of them. Mr. Feiffer tells about his discovery of superhero comics as a kid in the forties and a bit of how the genre progressed in that time. Then he gets done with the boring text pages and reprints a number of comic stories from that period. All great tales (for old comics) which would undoubtedly cost major bucks to obtain today. I don't think my mom realized what a treasure she gave on that Christmas Day, so many years past. (Or maybe she did. My mom has given me a lot of nice presents.) Anyway, now that I'm an old geezer, I can appreciate the text almost as much as the reprints. This one will stay on my shelf.

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