Sunday, October 15, 2000

The Lost World

by Michael Crichton

This is sequel to the novel Jurassic Park. Like most sequels, this is not quite as good as the original. For those who haven't experienced Jurassic Park in book or movie form, it tells the tale of a company that figured out a way to recreate dinosaurs. They created a theme park to showcase the animals but before it could open, things went awry and some people died and some had an adventure. (An adventure is a really bad day which you happen to survive.) In The Lost World, folks again run afoul of these recreated dinos. The creators of the theme park, International Genetic Technologies (a.k.a. InGen) have gone bankrupt and destroyed the park, it's creatures and the data used to create them. But, of course, they didn't get all of it and some people have discovered the remains, namely the island housing the manufacturing facility and the dinos that escaped. Of those people, the good guys are wrestling with the question of extinction. When they discover InGen's island, they head there and try to observe some live dinos. The bad guys, on the other hand are trying to steal InGen's data in order to create their own dinos. Like the original, some people die, some people get hurt and the kids save the day. (After all, you can't kill the kids and expect to make the best seller list.) All in all, it's a good sequel, but a sequel is a sequel, so the best I can say is check it out.

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