Sunday, December 10, 2000

Up the Line

by Robert Silverberg

And now for something completely different... The two books reviewed immediately above are delightful tales of magic and wonder suitable for all ages. Up the Line is an earthy, rather pessimistic tale for adults. It was written in 1969, so sex and drugs are woven throughout the tale. So why am I keeping this too on my shelf? (Out of the kids' reach, of course) Well, I'm a big fan of time travel tales and Up the Line is an interesting one. Instead of focusing on Time Police, as many tales do, it has a Time Tour Guide as its protagonist. Mr. Silverberg offers a believable picture of what Time Tourism might be like. The central tale, about the rise and fall of a Time Courier, is hardly a masterpiece, (I had forgotten it from my first reading of the book) but its good enough to keep you reading.

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