Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Time Tunnel

by Murray Leinster

This is a nice little time travel tale about a group of people who have a "time tunnel" between 1804 and 1964. (that was the present back when the book was written) It's not one of the great novels of science fiction, but it got me through a flight from Chicago. Anyway, the scenario is this: One of the protagonists, Harrison, has found evidence of a time traveller, a certain Messieur de Bassompierre, who had been writing of advanced technology to the scientific minds of the early 19th Century. Harrison gets in contact with an old professor of his who has created the time tunnel and they attempt to find this de Bassompierre in Napoleanic France and stop his meddling. There are the usual problems of paradox and a bit of romance thrown in. The tale is not overly exciting nor overly boring. 'Tis truly among the best in waiting room material.

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