Saturday, January 26, 2002

The Horse and His Boy

by C.S. Lewis

"An orphaned boy and a kidnapped horse gallop for Narnia ... and freedom." So goes the blurb on the back cover of this, the third chronicle of the mythic kingdom of Narnia. In case you haven't been following my reviews, I thought the first two chronicles were great. Mr. Lewis had clothed great Christian truths in rich, colorful fantasy and wove a tale that struck a chord deep within my heart. This third book does the same, but with a different twist. The tale takes place outside of the kingdom of Narnia and we meet characters who for various reasons set out for that fabled kingdom of the North. The Christian truths embroidered here focus more on the individual, how they seek out the kingdom of Heaven, sometimes in complete ignorance, and how the King finds them. Overall, I found the book slightly less delightful then The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe -- I thought the Tashbaan culture was dissed a bit too much in comparison to that of the Northern countries -- but it's still a worthy tale to keep on my shelf.

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