Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Testament

by John Grisham

Someone--I forget who--had written an online article or blog post that lamented Christians who exclusively read "Christian fiction" by authors like Jerry B. Jenkins yet eschew "secular fiction" written by Christian authors like John Grisham. At least I think it was John Grisham. Maybe it was some other famous scribe. Anyhoo, John Grisham was the name in the back of my mind when I was browsing over at the Bookworm Exchange before catching Spider-Man 2. I didn't buy anything that day. But I did grab this book weeks later at the Poplar Creek Library paperback exchange. (I only took two books, honest. I'm not that greedy.) The Testament is the tale of a rich, um, jerk who writes a will that leaves nothing to his ne'er do well children, ex-wives and sycophants but rather gives the whole shebang to a missionary living in the Amazon basin of Brazil. Half of the story concerns itself with the legal wrangling of the disinherited, the other half involves the efforts of a washed up attorney and recovering addict to find the missionary heir. Like Left Behind, this book is a New York Times bestseller. Like Left Behind, you get people repenting and finding Jesus. Unlike Left Behind, this book is good and left me with a very satisfied feeling. The people were believable, three dimensional characters and I had no problem envisioning the settings Mr. Grisham described. This is definitely a book worth checking out.

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