Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shadow Spinner

by Susan Fletcher

Another kids book. Another good kids book. You might recall the framing story of 1001 Nights. A Sultan is killing off the wives in his harem every night. That is, until a clever woman named Shahrazad tells the Sultan a fascinating tale and he lets her live another day. And the next day she tells another tale and is spared once again. And again, and again. Until after one thousand and one nights of storytelling, the Sultan calls off his killing spree. An exciting little framing device. But can you imagine what it would have been like to be Sharhazad? To have your life and those women waiting their turn depending on your evening's performance? This tale is set when Sharazad is in the 980s of her ordeal. She's running out of stories and needs some help. Through a twist of fate, a servant girl named Marjan--a budding storyteller herself--is called upon to help the effort. It's a great book which not only had an interesting plot, but also touched a chord in my writer's soul. If my daughter doesn't want it for herself, I'm going to put it on my shelf.

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