Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Land of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

I felt guilty reading this book. Well, not the book, really, but the advertising in the front of the book. In it, the Oz books are touted as nigh a foundational work of fantasy literature. Me, I've only seen the movie. I feel so... inferior. Anyway, I then read the book. This is the sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Apparently a large enough number of people nagged Mr. Baum to write it. The story follows a young boy named Tip who runs away from his guardian, a cranky old lady who dabbles in magic and has threatened to turn him into a marble statue in punishment for trying to scare her. He travels to the Emerald City and meets up with the Scarecrow, who is the current ruler, just in time to help the latter escape from an invasion by General Jinjur and her army. The two join up with an unusual assortment of companions and together they seek to restore the rightful ruler to the ol' green burg. It's an enjoyable book--quite imaginative, really. I really couldn't rave on about it like the advertising blurbs, but it's certainly worth checking out. Maybe if I read a greater number of the books, I'll be able to join the chorus of praise.
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