Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Klondike Gold

by Alice Provensen

This summer I was on the lookout for some kids' books that told about the highlights of Washington State history. One important event, especially in our hometown of Seattle, was the Klondike Gold Rush. The Klondike rush brought a lot of gold to Seattle as prospectors stopped in town to buy provisions for the long journey north. Anyway, Seattle really only rates one spread in this 34 page book, but it was a good investment anyway. Ms. Provensen follows the trail of two Boston men who catch the gold fever and head across the continent to seek their fortune. Through the first person narrative of one of the men, Bill, and colorful, full page illustrations, one gets a feel of what it might have been like for the thousands of people who traveled north and tried to strike it rich in the Yukon. It's a nice book well worth checking out.
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