Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Murder for Her Majesty

by Beth Hilgartner

This tale is a combination of two clichés: the endangered child who is forced to fend for his or herself, and the child who pretends to be a kid of the opposite gender. In this case, the child is Alice Tuckfield, an upper class eleven-year-old in 16th Century England. Her mother had died some years before and as the story starts she has just witnessed the murder of her father. She makes her way to Yorkshire, in an attempt to contact a friend of her father's. Tired, hungry and cold, she encounters a group of choirboys who take her in. After a day or two, they get the idea for her to masquerade as a boy and she ends up joining them in their home, school and choir. Meanwhile, her father's killers are on the lookout for the missing girl. The question is, how long can Alice maintain her masquerade? Will she survive long once the secret is revealed? The story starts slow, but my interest was captured as I got to know the characters and the killers drew nearer. It's a nice book to check out if you've got the time.
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