Friday, December 29, 2006

Sutter's Cross

by W. Dale Cramer

This tale is set in a small town in Georgia. It's an old farming town that has been developing into a tourist destination over the past decade or so. As the blurb on the back reads, the people there "live in comfortable homes, have comfortable portfolios and wear comfortable clothes." But then discomfort arrives in the form of Harley, a drifter who doesn't fit the community standards and thereby challenges the status quo. He seems to be a catalyst that brings changes into the lives of the main characters. It's an entertaining read. Essentially good waiting room material. At time it gets a bit preachy, as "Christian" fiction is want to do. But it also did a nice job of expressing the little "miracles" in the Christian life that modern American Christianity tends to ignore. So for that, I'm inclined to offer Mr. Cramer my forgiveness.
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