Thursday, January 18, 2007

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

by Cathy Duffy

Why did I read this? Oh, yeah, it was my wife's idea. She's on her deliciously long winter break and is looking for something to do. Me, I'm going to be putting in weekend overtime so that we can take a two week trip and not have the kids fall too far behind. So remind me, how is home schooling better than public schools? Seriously, this one is an overview of the wonderful world of home school materials out there. Ms. Duffy picks out what she considers the 100 best packages and offers her reviews on them. We borrowed this tome from a friend and my wife pored over it, comparing Ms. Duffy's reviews with the choices we made all those many years ago. She--my wife, not Cathy Duffy--came away pretty satisfied. For the most part she felt we chose rightly. (Though she is going to make a tweak or two based on what she read.) Now me, I wasn't really interested in re-evaluating anything. I found the book to be waiting room material--worth a quick read, but nothing I needed at this stage in my life. Were I just starting out the home school adventure, however, this would be quite a nifty resource.
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