Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Standing in the Light

by Mary Pope Osborne

One of the Dear America books, Standing in the Light is written as the diary of a young Quaker girl in 1763 Pennsylvania. After a few entries setting up her life as a settler in the Delaware valley, she and her brother are captured on the way to school by Lenape Indians. She is inducted into the tribe as a replacement for an Indian girl who was killed by measles and the entries detail her adaption to a new way of life. It's a nice enough book, though Lois Lenski's Indian Captive blows it out of the water as far as quality is concerned. Whereas Indian Captive entranced me, with this book I was always aware that I was reading a dramatization, a collection of true events that happened to a variety of people. Standing in the Light is worth checking out, but only as an introduction to this particular aspect of Native-Colonist relations. I think the real historical accounts would be much more interesting.
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