Friday, February 16, 2007

Common Ground

by Jordan Bajis

A while back--I forget when, exactly--my wife and I were discussing what denomination of church we'd join if we could no longer be Lutherans. I think we were specifically comparing Baptists and Roman Catholics, but the discussion touched on some of the other denominations out there. My inclination then was towards the Roman Catholic church. After reading this book, however, the Eastern Orthodox Church would definitely be the one to get my application. Common Ground is "an introduction to Eastern Christianity" geared toward the typical mainstream American Christian. Mr. Bajis does a great job explaining his church's point of view, both in pointing out Orthodox objections to Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrines and in presenting the rationale behind their own teachings. As a born, bred, baptized and confirmed Lutheran, I didn't buy all of his arguments. But I had to truly appreciate his church's take on the mystery of Christians unity with Christ and each other. He offers a challenge to the individualism that is inherent in our American culture and so affects our religious practice. Common Ground is a book I intend to keep on my shelf for further reference.
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