Friday, March 23, 2007

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

by Barbara Robinson

One problem with getting old is that you get jaded. You start taking things for granted and lose that sense of wonder that seems to come with childhood. Take the Bible, for example. "The Greatest Story Ever Told", right? Well, after years of reading it, the temptation is to blip over all those stories you've heard so many times. So how does one combat such creeping boredom? Well, one way is to share the story, event or what have you with someone who is experiencing it for the first time. That's what Ms. Robinson does in this book. It's November and the annual Christmas pageant is coming up. Folks start getting ready to dive into the Christmas routine when the Herdman kids show up. The Herdmans are a pack of hellions--the six wildest, meanest, most exasperating set of young'uns ever to plague an elementary school. Someone told them about the free snacks they get in Sunday School and they show up, just in time to hear about the Christmas Pageant. Well, everyone wants to be a star and the Herdmans are no exception. They cause all sorts of mischief with their uncouth and uncharitable ways, but they also put a new light on the Christmas story for the church members and the reader. Or should I say they put on an old light that I had forgotten about? Check it out.
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