Friday, March 09, 2007

Meet Felicity

by Valerie Tripp

It had to come to this. After all this reading of kid's books this past year and a half, I knew that sooner or later I would have to read one of the American Girls series. The American Girls, if you don't know, is a combination of literature of marketing. On the literature side, you have a series of books telling stories about nine-year-old girls in different eras of American history. Currently there's about eight girls and each one stars in six books. The books have corresponding themes, so for each girl you'll get a story set in winter, one set in summer, etc. On the marketing side, one can purchase a corresponding doll for each girl, along with about a gazillion accessories. What could be more American than merchandise? Anyway, sarcasm aside, the concept behind the books is a good one. According to my wife and daughters, the books are also pretty well written, so I've had no compunctions about letting the girls read and collect them. Of course, I've never read them myself... until now. Felicity is the Revolutionary War-era American girl. She lives with her family in colonial Williamsburg. She's an energetic little thing, having difficulty being calm and ladylike. She has quite an affection for horses and becomes concerned about a horse that has been recently obtained by the neighborhood tanner, one Jiggy Nye. Jiggy's a nasty old bird who oughtn't be allowed to deal with any horse that isn't already dead. But somehow the good Lord allowed Jiggy to have this beautiful animal. How can Felicity stand by while Mr. Nye mistreats the poor thing? Well, if you want, you can read the book and find out. The tale itself is rather pedestrian--pure waiting room material. But even kids need some lightweight reading from time to time, and I think Meet Felicity will serve that role just fine.
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