Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Road to Mars

by Eric Idle

Ah, how can I do a capsule review of this book? On the surface, it's the story about two comedians, Muscroft and Ashby, and their robot, Carlton. The team is playing the Circuit--the dozens of clubs in amongst the asteroids, satellites and mining stations between Mars and Saturn. They're looking to make it to the big time, Mars, and finally a lead opens up. Unfortunately, the road to Mars is complicated by terrorists, a disaster and the biggest diva of the solar system. The tale is written (quite well) by Eric Idle, a member of the Monty Python troupe. As one might suspect, the book is fraught with wit and commentary about life, the universe and everything. Only one transvestite, though. Anyway, if you can handle that you may want to check it out.
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