Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Partner

by John Grisham

I'll give this one a grudging "check it out" rating. It's the tale of a lawyer, Patrick Lanigan, who had faked his death and then swiped ninety million dollars that his law firm had gathered in a settlement. As the book opens, it is four years later and Patrick is discovered. The rest of the book details how he attempts to escape the civil and criminal cases against him, intertwined with the details of how he pulled off the scam in the first place. Like the other Grisham novels I've read, the characters are well done. This is the first novel, though, where the hero of the tale is an honest-to-Ghandi bad guy. Well, mostly bad guy. Mr. Grisham does a good job of gaining sympathy for the character. Throughout the book, I found myself rooting for Patrick, feeling guilty all the while. Anyway, though it is an entertaining read, this has to be my least favorite of the Grisham novels I've read. While the caper is intricate, it's a bit too flawless. At the end, I have a hard time believing that it could really happen.
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