Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Smuggler's Treasure

by Sarah Masters Buckey

This is one of the American Girl History Mysteries. It's the tale of Elisabet Holder, an eleven-year-old Boston girl whose father has been impressed by the British navy in 1814. Her mother is dead and her guardian decides to send her off to live with and aunt and uncle in New Orleans. When she arrives there, she learns that her uncle has died while she was en route and that he has left behind a mystery--a map of the surrounding bayous that would be worth a pretty price to the local government, smugglers, and perhaps the British army. The mystery unravels while Elisabet struggles to make the transition from the daughter of an upper class Boston merchant to a working class, orphaned shop girl. While I was delighted to read a story that wasn't set on the Eastern Seaboard for a change, the story itself is rather pedestrian. Neither the characters nor the story drew me in, and the descriptions of the setting seemed rather lackluster. Still, it serves as waiting room material.
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