Sunday, June 17, 2007

Exploring Creation With Physical Science

by Dr. Jay L. Wile

When I was a freshman in high school I took a course called "Earth Science". It was a contender for my favorite science course. This book is the analogous course for my daughter's schooling. I enjoyed reading it, remembering lessons I had all those many years ago and picking up a few tidbits of information I had either forgotten or never learned before. Like its predecessor, Exploring Creation With General Science, this text is very readable, has a good variety of experiments and a companion CD-ROM. 'Tis well worth checking out . Like the other books in the series, it also has a creationist worldview and occasionally slips in some propaganda. In fact, Dr. Wile committed one of my pet peeves in that respect. At one point he talks about James Clerk Maxwell, the physicist who demonstrated that electricity and magnetism are the same force. Dr. Wile states that Maxwell was one of the three most important figures in the history of science, along with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. He makes sure to point out that Maxwell was a Christian, something Dr. Wile also did with Newton in a previous chapter. About Einstein's beliefs, however, nary a word is said. C'mon, Doc. If a scientist's religious convictions are relevant to the study of the history of science, you should cover all the scientists in question. It doesn't take any glory from God to admit that unbelievers can be smart, too. .... Um, okay, end of rant.
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