Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Secret of Platform 13

by Eva Ibbotson

In London, under Platform 13 in King's Cross Railway Station is a gump--a doorway to a mystical land. It's a doorway that opens only for nine days every nine years. Nine years ago the infant prince of this mystical land was taken to the World Above (our world, that is) and was snatched from his poor nanny. So now, nine years later, the king of the realm is sending out an undercover rescue team: an old wizard, a gentle fey, an invisible ogre and a young hag. Can they rescue the prince? Is the prince worth rescuing, after living nine years in the World Above? This book is an enjoyable tale of the mystical meeting the mundane. The characters are quite appealing, though I wish the story had made better use of them. But even if the book isn't a masterpiece, I am glad I checked it out.
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