Tuesday, July 10, 2007


by William Durbin

This sequel to The Broken Blade is... well, a sequel. It pulls in many of the same characters from the original and attempts to catch that magic that made the original so good, but in the end it doesn't quite match up. Ah, well. It's not a bad story for all that. Wintering picks up the tale of Pierre La Page the summer after his coming of age journey described in The Broken Blade. Once again he has journeyed from Montreal, across Lake Superior to Grand Portage, where European goods are traded for American furs. This year, however, Pierre has chosen to join the hivernants, those traders who spend the winter out west gathering the furs to be traded at Grand Portage. He travels westward with his fellow voyageurs, along the rivers and lakes, to establish a new trading post. All in all, this story focuses more on Pierre's relationship with his comrades and less with his own maturing and growth. It makes for a less interesting tale, but it still offers an enjoyable bit of waiting room material.
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