Friday, August 10, 2007


by Peter Jordan

We got this book as a parting gift from our agency. 'Tis a book giving advice for former lao wai who now have to face the task of returning to live in their native culture. It's geared toward returning missionaries, though I would imagine it might be useful to other foreign sojourners as well. Judging from the book, it seems that the two big problems for returning missionaries is that a) few people have more than a cursory interest in their life overseas and b) pastors don't really appreciate having missionaries come home and start criticizing the home congregation. Mr. Jordan's advice is essentially, "get off your ego trip and think about others." Sound advice. All in all I found the book to be waiting room material. Just about everything he mentioned was something I already knew or could have figured out on my own. Of course, in all the chaos of returning home, it's probably good to have such a reminder.
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