Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Great Compromise

by Greg Laurie

Christians are hypocrites. We espouse high ideals and end up compromising every one of them. Sometimes it's a tendency I fight against, but there are other times I find myself cutting moral corners quite comfortably. Anyway, it's because I'm such a hypocrite that I was intrigued by the title of this book. As it examined the way American Christians try to "serve two masters" and live a "Christian, but not too Christian" life, would it offer insights into some areas where I've been turning a blind eye? Well, yes and no. Mr. Laurie did indeed mention some of my sins, but it was hardly news to me. And unfortunately, even that he didn't do it very well. The whole book is basically a bad sermon--one of those that revolves around a central concept rather than the Word of God. It's one of those that tries to speak authoritatively by tacking a bunch of Bible passages onto its pre-selected subject rather than starting with the text and seeing what concepts spring from that. I also found Mr. Laurie's "preaching" lacking in a) that he read things into Scripture that aren't necessarily there and b) he focuses too much on how we Christians need to do better at not compromising our beliefs while not mentioning that Jesus died for these sins as well. Ah, well. Even if it didn't offer any new insights, I do need to be reminded of the old ones now and then.

'Tis rather poor waiting room material.
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