Thursday, November 15, 2007

"It's a Jungle Out There!"

by Ron Snell

When you were a kid, did you ever daydream about growing up someplace exotic? The rough and tumble wild west? The mysterious orient? The jungles of Africa? Well, Ron Snell did grow up in a jungle. (In Peru, not Africa, but hey, a jungle's a jungle.) He was a missionary kid in the 1950s and in this book--the first volume of The Rani Adventures--he tells tales of his childhood. Unlike most (all?) missionary biographies I've read, there's a lot more humor than religion in the story. Actually, that may not be accurate. The faith of "Rani", his family, friends and neighbors is woven throughout the stories in the book. It just serves more as the foundation of his life rather than the ornamentation. Anyway, the book's a fun read and I'll have to steal this book from my kids once they're done with it.

I want it on my shelf.
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