Monday, December 17, 2007

American Empire: Blood and Iron

by Harry Turtledove

Why am I reading this book? This is the first volume of the American Empire trilogy, which is the sequel to The Great War trilogy, which is a sequel to How Few Remain. I think that makes it the fifth volume of a 11 or so volume series. (Did I mention the trilogy or whateverlogy that follows American Empire?) What can I say? Mr. Turtledove has created some interesting characters and he hasn't killed them all off yet. So we have Blood & Iron. The Great War is over and folks are dealing with the aftermath. The people of the United States are ecstatic, basking in the glory of their first victory over the Confederacy. The (surviving) soldiers either return home seeking to prosper in civilian life or remain in the service to face the cutbacks in government spending that follows the war. The Confederates, on the other hand, are suffering not only an unfamiliar humiliation, but also the burden of war reparations. Inflation soars and anger simmers. The nation's discontent finds a voice in the newly formed Freedom Party, who look to blame the Confederacy's defeat on the current government and people with dark skin. (Because the CSA could have beaten the damnyankees if the Socialist blacks hadn't rebelled in 1915 and diverted the war effort.) And then there's the Canadians, who don't have a fierce rivalry with the USA, but just wish the jerks would stop occupying their country and go home. Like it's predecessors, this book's a nice tapestry of human lives lived against the backdrop of history. Well, alternate history, anyway.

Checking it out, one book at a time.
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