Monday, December 03, 2007

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

by J.K. Rowling

Ms. Rowling must have gotten carried away with this one--it seems like twice the size of the previous volumes. Or, since the Ruminator says that each book is targeted to a progressively older audience, maybe it's just increased in size to fit the reading skills of the older kids. Either way, I didn't mind it at all. This book is my favorite of the four volumes that I've read to date. You have the normal scenes and routines of Hogwarts, of course, but in this volume, the reader is also treated to the Quidditch World Cup match, a Yule Ball, civil rights activism on behalf of house elves, and the mystery of who magicked the Triwizard Tournament to include Harry as the fourth contestant. As I finished that particular mystery, I had to admire the way Ms. Rowling sneaks little details into the story that suddenly show their significance at the story's climax. I suppose seasoned mystery fans probably pick them out right away. Me, I'm just pleasantly surprised. Anyway, I have such a collector's mentality that I'll probably read all of the series even if it were mediocre. But The Goblet of Fire has drawn me into the overall tale and makes me eager to read the rest.

So glad I checked it out.
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