Monday, December 24, 2007

The Party of Death

by Ramesh Ponnuru

I decided to read this book based on its full title: The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life. The title was so provocative, I wondered what, exactly, Mr. Ponnuru had to say. I suppose I could claim that I first encountered the title in China, where I was reading anything, so I added all sorts of things to my reading list. But excuses aside, I did read it. It wasn't quite the wacko diatribe for which I subconsciously hoped. It's a decently written, pro-life manifesto bashing the Democratic Party's stand on the issues of abortion, euthanasia and embryonic medical research. Biased, certainly; but not whacked out. As a pro-lifer, I found myself in total agreement with many things Mr. Ponnuru wrote. As a Democrat, however, I was also aware of the times he was trying to push the reader's buttons. I mean, sure many of the leading Democrats are dishonest weasels who have sold their soul to the pro-choice interests in order to garner votes. I have no doubt that one could write a similar book about the leading Republican weasels and the pro-life interests. In the end, I really didn't get much out of the book, besides a minor guilt trip. But such is my relationship with American politics.

Eh, it's just waiting room material.
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