Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's a Magical World

by Bill Watterson

This is the final Calvin and Hobbes collection. Well, final in the sense of the original volumes collecting all of the strips. There are a number of other collections out there and I haven't a clue which was published most recently. This is the last one I felt compelled to buy to complete my collection. Anyway, it's quite an amusing book, as one might expect. The highlight of the book, in my mind, is the final storyline featuring Rosalyn, the babysitter. Watterson broke the shtick in a way that was amusing, yet heart warming. It's a pity that Calvin couldn't have been similarly reconciled to Moe or Miss Wormwood. (And, of course, there's Susie. Is there any hope at all for that relationship?)

Check it out, if only to say good bye.
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