Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Look Inside... For Better or For Worse

by Lynn Johnston

This is it--the big, 10th Anniversary extravaganza. Not only do you get a year's worth of For Better or For Worse strips; not only do you get an extra collection of favorite Sunday strips (in full color!); but you also get an illustrated essay chronicling the life of Lynn Johnston and the genesis of For Better or For Worse. ... Um, it's really more interesting than it sounds. Okay, maybe you need to be a cartoonist groupie or something. Well, I am, sort of, so I enjoyed it. So have my kids, as is evidenced by all of the pages which have broken free of the binding. Ah, well. When my siblings and I moved out of the house, my parents celebrated by buying new furniture and doing some remodeling. When our kids move out, I think I'm going to replace all the books they've worn out and maybe add a few more bookshelves. But I digress. In this collection, the Patterson kids have yet to move out. Michael is only turning thirteen, after all. In this collection, he seems to take center stage in the strip as we're treated to his first romance and all the social games of junior high school. Ah, thank God I don't have to go though that again...

It's on my shelf!
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