Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All Star Comics Archives: Volume 4

By Gardner Fox, and a cast of... well, lots

In 1943, Justice Society fans were treated to three outings against super-villains and one wartime sermon. This volume collects them all. In "The Man Who Created Images", we're introduced to the Brain Wave, the man whose mind is so advanced that he can create realistic mental images. The individual members of the JSA are so caught up in trying to thwart this villain's plans that they all skip the regular meeting, prompting secretary Wonder Woman to embark on an unusual plan of her own. In the second tale collected, the JSA seeks to stop Nazi-sown discord between workers and employers, natives and immigrants, and people of different ethnic groups. In the third tale the Brain Wave is back and he tries to eliminate the JSA by shrinking them to doll size. They go on to show that there are a force to be reckoned with, even when only a few inches tall. The final tale pits the JSA against men who have been transformed into insect powered slaves by the King Bee. Overall, the stories aren't quite as good as those in some of the previous volumes. But you still have a rollicking sense of fun and adventure that seems to be the hallmark of the era.

Check it out.
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