Sunday, April 27, 2008

All Star Comics Archives: Volume 6

by Gardner Fox, et al

Boy, what happened? As the stories in this volume were produced, World War II saw its final days and the quality of All-Star Comics plummeted. With the exception of the Hawkman sections, drawn by Joe Kubert, the art is pretty poor. The stories are a bit better--not some of Mr. Fox's better work, mind you--but solid Golden Age storytelling, chock full of morality, history and/or science lessons. The JSA take a tour through the history of Germany, for one last hurrah of wartime propaganda. They also revisit a 20-year old murder case, fight element eating robots from space, thwart a crime wave with the help of various disabled persons and combat portraits painted with paint that comes to life after sunset. If I didn't have a collector's mentality, I think I would've passed this one by. (Of course, I do kind of like the robots...)

Definitely waiting room material.
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