Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Return Engagement

by Harry Turtledove

It occurred to me that this Timeline-191 series is like a big ol' soap opera. The books jump between dozens of characters, each caught up in their own little stories, which together make up a larger tale. I was impressed by the format in the first volume that I read of this series, now it seems like just another formula. There are times I get tired hearing that Scipio once served as the head butler for Anne Colleton, or that Mary Pomeroy's brother was unjustly executed by the occupying American troops during the Great War. But, I keep on reading. Like a junkie, I went out and borrowed this next volume, even though I have a number of other half-read books clamoring for my attention. What a wretched man I am! Anyway, on to the book. Return Engagement starts the Settling Accounts four-parter, the story of World War II in a world where the Confederate States of America won the Civil War and remained an independent nation. The year is 1941 and June 22nd becomes the day that will live in infamy. The president of the CSA has launched his attack on the United States, sending bombers over Philadelphia and tanks and troops into Ohio. The plan is to thrust up to Lake Erie and cut the USA in half. The question is, will the USA be up to the challenge of thwarting President Featherston's plan? Or will they pay the price of relaxing in the glory of their victory in the Great War?

I just had to check it out.
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