Monday, May 26, 2008

After the Dancing Days

by Margaret I. Rostkowski

This one's a tale of the aftermath of World War I. The war is over and Annie Metcalf's father--a doctor--has just returned home. Moved by his experience, he forgoes his old practice at County Hospital and begins working with the wounded vets at St. John's veteran's hospital. Annie's grandfather also regularly visits St. John's, to read to a local boy who has suffered an eye injury. This causes a bit of tension in the family, as Annie's mother, like most of the rest of the community, would like to put the war behind and let someone else tend to Kansas City's maimed soldiers. 13-year-old Annie's curiosity is piqued and she visits her father at work, meeting some of the soldiers. Her initial visit is a bit frightening, but she soon becomes a regular visitor, especially befriending one young man who was badly disfigured by mustard gas. It's a nice story, positively dealing with wartime losses and the emotional recovery that needs to happen afterwards.

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