Sunday, May 04, 2008

All Star Comics Archives: Volume 7

by Gardner Fox, et al

In his introduction, Roy Thomas said that the last story in this collection, "The Revenge of Solomon Grundy", was the beginning of the peak of All-Star Comics. I remember reading through this volume and grumbling that I had just bought a bunch of mediocre stories and had to wait a whole year for the "good stuff" to be published. The tales in this volume are a bit better than those in Volume Six, but still are a far cry from the tales from the early forties. In this collection the JSA go up against Landor, the man from the future; the Brain Wave; Zor, the alien Duna who possesses a humble toymaker; the original Psycho Pirate and the aforementioned Solomon Grundy. Most of the tales are standard mid-40s fare, though I have to admit that the Grundy story is the best of the lot. In a lot of these tales, the members JSA merely plow through the bad guys in their individual segments and then neatly wrap things up at the end. Solomon Grundy made the boys sweat a bit, making the inevitable victory that much more satisfying.

'Tis pretty good waiting room material.
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