Saturday, May 03, 2008

Family Business

by Lynn Johnston

Okay, this was the For Better or for Worse collection where I thought the strip was supposed to start going downhill. Well, I guess I was a bit premature. April is starting to become a more interesting character, and while Michael the grown-up is less interesting than Michael the student, his relationship with Deanna is stil a bit interesting. (The twist it takes is something I still don't understand, but then, if all characters acted logically, we would be left with very few stories worth reading.) I found the biggest tale, Elly's unique solution to her employer's business woes, to be lacking. Ms. Johnston didn't manage to bring a lot of humor out of the concept. Ah, well. As I think about it, the collection itself is fine. The only reason I think of it as part of the decline, is that I now read the collected strips in light of the plot twists I know are coming. It seems like in the years to come, the Patterson clan become more like victims to various evils out there, and that trend seems to start here.

They're still worth checking out at least.
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