Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reality Check

by Lynn Johnston

In this For Better or For Worse collection Michael & Deanna face the reality of married life, Elly deals with a theft at her store, Elizabeth discovers the truth about her boyfriend Eric, and Grandpa Jim moves out. (Not because of Elizabeth's boyfriend, but because... oh, just read it yourself.) April and John pretty much hang in the background, playing the straight man or providing punchlines as needed. As far as strip development, the writing is okay--nothing spectacular or heinous. Michael's storyline seems a bit sparse. After years of being involved in his schooling and social life, we only get an occasional strip of him at work or out with his friends. Elizabeth picks up the slack somewhat, but I guess she comes across as a weaker character and her storyline is not as satisfying. Ah, well. The book is still worth a read.

Check it out.
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