Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Star Comics Archives: Volume 11

by John Broome, Arthur Peddy and others

The end... sort of. This volume completes the reprints of the Justice Society's Golden-Age adventures in All-Star comics, covering issues from December of 1949 to February of 1951. After that fateful issue, the JSA was no more, and All Star Comics became All Star Western. Of course, the JSA returned in the sixties, as guest characters in Justice League of America comics. Then in the seventies, All Star Comics was revived with new JSA adventures. Heck, even this volume of the archives wasn't the end, as DC published Volume 0 of the archives, reprinting the three issues of All Star that preceded the JSA. But enough history. How does this last-volume-that-isn't-the-last-volume of JSA reprints measure up? Well, it's standard fare. The JSA spent their last year fighting off alien invasions and thwarting earthbound crimes. They even had one last jaunt through time. While it's not spectacular, it's entertaining... if you like this sort of thing.

Ah, check it out for the historical value if nothing else.
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