Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Complete Peanuts: 1967 to 1968

by Charles M. Schulz

My wife borrowed this from the library to see if this was a book she wanted to buy. In her opinion, Peanuts jumped the shark in the late sixties and while she's been faithfully buying each volume of the series, the time is coming when she will stop. The verdict, by the way, is yes, she will be buying this volume. (Well, actually the second printing of it, since there's a error on page 53 in which the May 1st strip is printed twice and the May 3rd strip has been left out.)(Hmmm, I had that problem with my 11th grade yearbook.)(Fanatgraphics says they're going to fix the typo and reprint the missing strip in the next volume.)(The next volume of The Complete Peanuts, that is, not my high school yearbook.) Anyway, I have to question my wife's opinions here. I think this volume is great. I found a lot more laughs amongst the reprinted strips than I did in the previous volume. Snoopy and Lucy hog the spotlight a lot, but like John Waters (who wrote the forward), I think that's a good thing.

Check it out.
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