Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL® and Apache

by Julie C. Meloni

I didn't. I mean, I might have, if I had actually bought the book rather than borrowing it from the library, but I'm not that interested in PHP, et al. All I had in mind to do was set up a database that would list all of the fonts my employer owns along with a graphic displaying each one and maybe a list of descriptor tags. That way, the next time I'm called upon to design something for one of our clients, I don't have to spend an hour looking through our entire font catalogue. But, alas, there's no way the company's going to buy a copy of FileMaker Pro just for my convenience, so I thought maybe I could avail myself to some of that great open source software that's out there. I heard the name MySQL bandied about more than once and ended up downloading that only to discover that I had a whole lot to learn. Hence my interest in this book. The drawback is that I have MySQL loaded at work, while the book (along with the time to read it) is at home. Such is my rationalization for only skimming the book. And now it's time to return the tome to the library. So what can I say? It seems to be a well written book and I did pick up a bit of learnin' about PHP and this whole database thing. But I was not a dedicated enough student to truly teach myself anything. May you fare better in your own quest for knowledge.

I didn't read it! How can I rate it?
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